Common Pitfalls

Cheapest price is not always the best deal, in fact it can be very costly. As master builders we see many examples of works gone wrong, not due to deliberate actions, but usually inexperience from builders, site supervisors and tradies. Much of our remedial work is spent rectifying others poor workmanship. The problem for the consumer is that many of these issues pass final inspection and Australian Standards, but still fail after 24 months, or after 7 years, usually without legal recourse. Examples are:

  • Balconies leaking
  • Roof trusses out of alignment/bowed
  • Basement efflorescence due to rising damp
  • Flooring and walls out of level
  • Insulation poorly fitted
  • Inadequate subfloor ventilation
  • Slab deflection and cracking
  • Poor site drainage
  • Moisture ingress into bathrooms/showers
  • Squeaking floors.

The list can go on. That is why Foremost Constructions utilises its own QA system to ensure we conduct an audit before every major stage of construction to ensure the final product is of the highest standard. Further, we endeavour to advise you if we feel your architect or draftsperson has overlooked any important site issues.

Common FAQ’s:

We are thinking of renovating/extending. Where do I Start?

You would start with an architecural draftsman to work out what can be achieved. We can put you in touch with one of our draftsmen or designers who can come out to your site for a free initial consultation.

Whats the difference between a Master Builder and a Licenced Builder?

Basically all building works should be undertaken by a must be a Registered building Practitioner. You can confirm the builders licence is still valid by calling the Builder’s Practioner Board on 1300 360 320. Registered Builders that have demonstrated significant building experience and knowledge are admiited into the Master Builders Association. If you want complete peace of mind that the builde you have engaged is a Master builder, call the MBA on 9411 4555 or go to the master builders website http://www.mbav.com.au

Do I need a Master Builder for my building project?

Not necessarily, however it is highly recomended as it provides an additional layer of security and usually Master Builders CPD (continuous Professional Development). Why would you risk one of your largest investments you may make in your life?

Can the builder provide references about homes he/she has recently completed?

Absolutely. Reputable Builders shoud freely provide references for past and current projects.

Is the builder eligible for warranty insurance to cover defective and incomplete work?

You should ensure the builder provides you with a current “Letter of Eligibility” which comes from the Builders insurance company.

Should your builder provide you with a Domestic Building Contract (Act 1995)? (The MBAV’s contracts HC6 – for new buildings and HIC5 – for renovations/additions comply)

Yes for any works over $5,000 in value.

Who can tell me if i need building permits and planning approvals?

Either your local council and/or builder or draftsman can assist.

Stages in Building you can expect:

  • Preliminary meeting
  • Quotation /Estimation
  • Pre contract meeting
  • Contract
  • Construction
  • Progress inspection
  • Final completion inspection
  • Handover